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The Stonehearted: Campaign Info
It has been 1,600 years and four generations since Orila, daughter of Bofin Oathkeeper, returned to the Maker’s forge. Some 2,100 years after the Fall of The Golden Mountain, three siblings, great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Marduk Kinslayer, and their allies set out upon an epic quest to right the wrongs of their distant ancestor. Amongst them marches the wielder of the Heart of the Mountain, the last regent of Thorbadin and the bearer of Bofin’s ancient oath.

Source Info and Background
What it Means to Be a Dwarf
The Dwarven Personality
Dwarven Characteristics and Sub-Races
The Dwarven Calendar
The Golden Mountain and the Line of the Kinslayer
The Leaving of The Twenty

Introduction to the Campaign World
Races of Annwn
Groups of Annwn
History of Annwn
Magic of Annwn
Worlds Beyond Annwn

Introduction to the Campaign World
The Creation of the World
The Golden Age of the Demi-Humans
The FirstWars
The Coming of the Dragons
The Dawn of Man
The Silver Age of Man
The Godswar
The Dark Ages
The Ascendancy of the New Gods
The Modern Age

Campaign Fundamentals
Alignment – Good vs Evil

Game Rules
Dwarven Classes
Healing and Rest
Modified Classes
Modified Skills
Modified Feats
Modified Armour
Modified Weapons
Miscellaneous Combat House Rules
Traits, Bonds, Flaws and Ideals – Inspiration

Visited Locations
Dalarrak (Warriors’ Rock)
Duraz Tudd (The Stone Tooth)

Kurdu-abadaz, The Heart of the Mountain
Lamek-burkess, The Hate Razor
Nikat Dattanbolg
Thorv Kadol the Crystal Shield of Embla

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