Creation of the World

“I’ve always found it curious that, although no one actually knows how the world was created, everyone will fight to prove their explanation is the right one”

Even the most treasured books of the Great Library of Chronos merely hint at the original creation of the World. All that is known of it has been passed on by word of mouth, and all races have their own version of a creation myth. This is in large part due to the fact that even the current gods are unaware of the true origins of the earth, so long before their time it was. Many races believe that their own supreme god is responsible for the creation of the world, a belief most evil deities encourage, and which most good ones do not bother to dispel.

Nonetheless, some facts are generally accepted by most scholars. All acknowledge that the current pantheon of gods were not responsible for the creation of the world, nor was the pantheon(s) before them. It therefore follows that some being even more powerful than the gods exists, or existed at some time in history, and that this “great creator” brought life to the world, as well as the original pantheon of gods.

Scholars also agree that while the original race or races first created are in question, man undoubtedly entered the stage at some later date. Of the major demihuman groups in the world, many believe elves and dwarves to be among the first born, while others espouse that the venerable dragons were among the first, as they must have been present before their later awakening (see ‘ The Coming of the Dragons’).

Creation of the World

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