No one knows who first named our world, although as with most things, each race commonly assumes it originated with them. Though the language from which it was derived has long since been lost to time, it is believed that Annwn is the ancients’ name for the mysterious other world, the land of peace and plenty. The very nature of the word seems to suggest the possibility of worlds beyond this one, and raises the issue of Annwn’s place in the planar multiverse.

The dominant feature of the known regions of Annwn is the central continent of Moravia. To the North of Moravia lies the small, frigid continent of Jotunheim. To its east is the Grey Sea, also called the Sea of Troubles, and to its south lies the fabled Sea of Stars. It is said that a strange land lies far across the Grey Sea, but few claim to have made the voyage, while the Sea of Stars is filled with a myriad of wonders, set in a lush, tropical climate. This vast sea, although well traveled, is still relatively unexplored, and contains many strange lands.

The center of known culture and civilization in Annwn is the continent of Moravia. This great land mass is an roughly oblong continent, split down the middle by an impassable mountain range known as Gaia’s Spine. This range effectively divides the continent into two regions, referred to as Westmarch and Eastmarch. The two regions are geographically and culturally isolated, with the only means of travel between the two a lengthy ocean voyage around the southern shores of the continent, or a perilous journey through the Great Desert of Khamarhan, the only gap in Gaia’s Spine.

Westmarch can be thought to have two distinct regions. The northern reaches are characterized by constant conflict and border skirmishes. The two major powers of Dalon in the west and Arcadia in the East are ancient and implacable foes, kept short of all out warfare only by the forceful intervention of the third major power, the repressive Theocracy of Volta. The lands between these three empires are a dangerous and lawless region known as The Borderlands, where the very landscape has been scarred by the incessant fighting of the greater powers. To the south of this tumultuous region lie several ancient merchant nations, vying for economic control of the Sea of Stars. Militarily weak, these kingdoms are nonetheless the site of great technological and artistic progress, and the intrigues and machinations of their major houses are infamous throughout Westmarch.

The eastern half of the continent of Moravia is subdivided into ten main political areas. In the north lie the rival Jotun kingdoms of Exmoor and Garven. Below the lands of the Jotun lies the once powerful but now fragmented kingdom of Ascaria. To its south lie several smaller kingdoms, separated from Southern Eastmarch by the Great Wall, a large stone structure constructed to keep the barbarian hordes of the Southlands from invading the civilized north. Finally, off the coast lies the island republic of Tandeme, haven to traders, pirates, and adventurers alike, and Eastmarch’s gateway to the two great seas.


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