Schnella Beliss Irvidda Clan Durtheck

Svirfneblin Adventurer


On half of a pair of Svirfneblin twins, Schnella is gnarled and wiry, standing 3’5” with grey-brown skin the colour of mottled rock and slate-grey eyes. Schnella is smooth-faced with shoulder-length, stringy grey hair. Schnella, like most svirfneblin, is a serious and suspicious creature, prone to keeping her emotions veiled and strangers at arms’ length.


Briefly allied with the Stonehearted during their exploration of the Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar. Twin to Schneltheck.

The oldest of four siblings, Schnella and Schneltheck’s twin birth was considered an unusual and fortuitous event amongst their Underdark community. From birth, the pair proved inseperable, to such an extent that the strictly gender-segregated community allowed Schnella to accompany her twin into the mines, work normally restricted to male svirfneblin only. But, though adequate to the task of gem-mining, time was to prove that their true calling did not lie in this noble endeavour. Instead, the two felt compelled to follow a more unusual, and far more adventurous path.

Though all svirfneblin bear a stong curious streak, the twins exemplified this, and as the pair grew older, they progressively roamed farther and farther within the scattered mining tunnels, seeking out the most unexplored and difficult to deposits of gems. Eventually, the siblings abandoned all pretense of mining, ranging far and wide through the Underdark tunnels surrounding their home of Gloendinghall, occasionally earning their keep by acting as scouts for the community. More often they lived the simple lives of adventurers, raiding monsters for treasure and glory. Schnella proved the more nimble of the two, developing into a dangerous and acrobatic rogue, while Schneltheck developed skills as both a dangerous warrior and mage. An effective team, their newfound career proved successful for several years, until the disappearance of their younger brother Taskat Jarko Walschud.
Though the young svirfneblin had chosen a more sensible lifestyle than his older siblings and stuck to the family trade of mining, he still carried a bit of the Durtheck wanderlust in his veins, and often ventured further afield from Goendinghall’s safety than his family would prefer. When stories reached the elder siblings of the mysterious disappearance of svirfneblin from the more isolated fringes of the settlement, the siblings immediately rushed back to warn their brother. Unfortunately, they were to arrive too late, as Taskat had already become the latest in the string of inexplicable disappearances.

Though more than a dozen svirfneblin had disappeared over the course of a half-cycle, in the thousand-strong city of Gloendinghall such an event elicited little response. Knowing the king and queen were unlikely to mount a rescue effort for their sibling, Schnella and Schneltheck decided to take matters into their own hands. It didn’t take long for the pair to retrace Taskat’s steps, and they were fortuitous in quickly coming across his abductors. Unfortunately, what they found proved to be more than the pair had bargained for, in the form of a quartet of derro slavers.

Seasoned adventurers, the pair succeeded in slaying one of the four crazed dwarves, but were quickly overcome by the remaining trio. Bound and gagged (though clearly insane, the derro were no fools when it came to spellcasters such as Schneltheck), the two were marched for several days to the slavers’ encampment. Though the situation seemed hopeless, the pair maintained their grim determination to somehow win back freedom – first for themselves, then for their younger brother.

Schnella Beliss Irvidda Clan Durtheck

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