Ranina Stoneheart

Only daughter and youngest child


Ranina was a quiet child, knowing that it was a better way to find out information she wasn’t supposed to know when the adults forgot she was there. It was how she found out that, as she was the only daughter and youngest child, she would eventually be pawned off as a bargaining chip. She was the spare’s spare. She had never met their father, him having left before she had been born, but the stories told by her heart broken mother and two elder brothers were enough for her to know what sort of man he was.

She was young when her mother died and clung to her brothers out of comfort whenever they were around. As such, she was then raised by a nanny until she was old enough to start training to be a caver. If they could be fighters, of sorts, then so could she. Many an argument had been had with her nanny but ultimately Ranina got her way and started her training that month.

Being so much younger than her brothers often left her feeling insecure, that she would never be good enough to compare to them. It was the reason she chose such a different path to them. A way to make a way for herself without being in their long shadows. She trained long and hard and eventually was allowed out on some missions under the close watch of the Captain. She did well and she was proud of herself for doing something all on her own.

Ranina adores her brothers, there’s no doubt about that, but sometimes she doesn’t understand them. It may have to do with never being taught by their father or simply an age thing. She respects them deeply but at times, often doing as commanded, even if she didn’t understand their view point. Out of the two, she felt entirely closer to Dragor than Azgan. While Azgan was away doing his studies or training or the like, it was Dragor who seemed to dote and take care of her when she escaped her nanny out of boredom or defiance.

When it was decided that her brothers would leave to reclaim their homeland, she had begged to accompany them and when she was denied many times, she threatened to trail them anyway until she was reluctantly granted permission. It wasn’t common for someone of her age and inexperience to be allowed to leave, but since she knew of the hushed plans to marry her off she knew she had to leave or be separated from her only family for the rest of her life.

When Dragor told them they were leaving, she already had her bags packed and was ready to leave that second. If they were reclaiming their home she would be damned if she wasn’t there to help it happen.

Ranina Stoneheart

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