Dragor Stoneheart

The Wielder of the Heart of the Mountain


Mountains.JPGDragor Stoneheart: Was the younger brother of the rightful heir to Thorbadin’s throne, Azgan Stoneheart.

Dragor mostly was free of the pressure, responsibility and duty that his older brother had to endure through their youth. Of course Dragor in kind still had to be educated in these areas but not to the extent of his brother. Thus allowing Dragor more time and freedom to follow his interests / talents where Azgan’s days where more set in stone studying the duties of the King to be. This gave Dragor a more carefree mind set and friendly temperament. He always made friends quickly and was always amongst them. During that time Dragor’s interests largely revolved around combat and the history of it, he studied military tactics almost as much as he honed his battle skills with axe and shield. From a young age it was clear that Dragor would become a solid warrior with strong leadership traits. He later on proved his worth numerous times during his service in the military for King Togren and quickly was promoted up the ranks.

However Dragor’s carefree lifestyle did not last long after his 30th birthday. Bofingan Stoneheart, Dragor’s father had set out with a small force of 20 veteran Dwarves to reclaim their home Thorbadin. Orilia Dragor’s mother forbid Bofingan from taking the boys with him. Bofingan strongly wished to have them both by his side as he cleared the halls of the Duergar scum. Many nights of arguing followed but in the end as always Orilia convinced Bofingan to leave the boys there as they were still too young for a war campaign. She promised they would follow with her once the mountain was reclaimed. She also tried to get Bofingan to delay his departure as she had just found out she was pregnant with their 3rd child. Bofingan as beloved a dwarf as he was, was not a patient Dwarf nor one that enjoyed time with infants.

The following day Bofingan and his brave warriors left Dalarrak, he missed the birth of his daughter Ranina and was never seen again.

Little is known of what happened to him or the 20 strong that left that day. Some say they never made the mountain, perishing on the way, but Dragor knew that wasn’t true, he felt it in his soul that they made it. Alive or dead, he believed he would find them once he reached the mountain.

From that day on Dragor’s carefree behaviour was gone, he became driven to become the best warrior and leader he could be. Even more was this amplified when his elder brother Azgan renounced his claim to the throne and passed the responsibility to Dragor. This was not something Dragor expected but promised his brother that he would accept the responsibility and make him proud.

Also around this time Orilia his mother became ill and passed away. Many years of living with a broken heart, longing for the return of her husband had taken its toll on her.

65 years had passed since Bofingan departed Dalarrak and Dragor knew the time had come to ask King Togren permission to leave his service to reclaim their home Thorbadin. He wasn’t sure how he would reclaim their home, especially since he didn’t have an army or even a small force but he was sure the time was at hand.

He knew that it was his duty, it had to be him, there was no one else, and he was the bearer of Bofin’s ancient oath. It was he who would purify the taint that Marduk had left.

The time had come.

Dragor Stoneheart

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