The Stone-Hearted

41 Sognathos, Pass of 3820: The Road to Darkness

Ranina's Diary: Into the Depths

Dear reader,

We’ve been joined by some distant relative of ours. Her name is Brodria Copperhelm. Like me, she is a caver. We were given two ways to get to our destination. A faster yet more dangerous way, or a slower and slightly less dangerous in terms of alerting our foe. We chose to go the longer way to keep our presence a secret for as long as possible. Reader, we’d be underground for a longass time with no access to merchants. It meant we had to carry everything we’d need for a month. That, my dear, is a lot of food, water and supplies for six people.

We had just set out, intending to be quiet, but certain people in the group couldn’t shut up and get on with it. It ended with us being in combat with ghouls and some sort of undead creature. Brother Dragor was rendered paralyzed and the rest of us fumbled through the fight. They managed to be beaten back.

Orlaf, bless his beard, went off as a distraction to the hoard behind us. There is a bit of a scuffle before we can shuffle off, mind you. But as we forge ahead, the air thins. We were faced with a choice: go ahead to a potentially blocked exit or double back and find another route. Against my objections, they outvoted me and decided to continue on.

The ramifications of that soon became clear when Dragor and Aerik start to flag. Worse still, reader, the exit was blocked. We wouldn’t make it back with the state the boys were in so we headed down the purple worm hole that had collapsed the exit. Let me reassure, reader the smell coming out of the hole was worse than the time Dragor decided to celebrate before bathing. If you flip back a few entries, I’m sure you’ll relive my disgust.

As we head down the hole, Dragor looks to be slowly suffocating. He was turning blue and I was worried beyond belief. But we had no choice but to continue forward. The purple worm had died at some point, hence the smell. As I was on point, I was able to push past the worm even though there was something inside there.

To cut things short, we fought some centipedes until they were distracted with a sunrod. Everyone was sore and sorry for themselves. Relief was evident when we reached ‘fresh’ air. Going with our string of luck, we found ourselves in a battle on a stonecursed ledge. Instead of risking the battle, Dragor headed down the ropes we tied, quickly followed by myself. Brodria and Aerik seemed to be rock crawlers and climbed down the wall. Ghouls caught up to us and took a swipe at Azgan. Brodria lost her grip but was luckily caught by Aerik.

Azgan… was not so lucky. He fell the entire length. Once we were all together, he was checked, stabalised and we had to find a safe place to camp.

I must leave you here, Reader. Watch starts soon.



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