The Stone-Hearted

36-39 Korimaril, Pass of 3820: The Bull, the Bear, and the Wolf

Expedition Update: Dummockton – Basilia, Azgan

37 Korimaril, 3820
After an uneventful month of westerly travel from the human town of Dummockton we wintered in Darren’s Rest. There we met a bard with tales of dwarven refugees in the Basilia hills. It was decided that these rumours were worth investigation and as soon as the thaw made travel possible we departed with this destination in mind.

Several weeks later it became apparent that we were going to need to detour for supplies, but as we were so close to our destination we decided to split the party between gathering supplies and investigating the Basilia Hills.

Aeric and myself ventured south with the wagon to stock up. After a two days travel, we encountered some Romani humans by the side of the road. With our chest of gold concealed in the wagon and their reputation for theft we decided to give them a wide birth. This as it turned out was a grave mistake.

We rested for the night at the Bull and Bear; A human tavern of relatively sturdy construction although our rest was short-lived before we came under attack. A number of wolves led by a half-man, half-wolf monster burst in and managed to drag away a couple of humans before we were able to fight them off. We were assisted by a human woman with a giant sword and another human mage.

We were able to determine that the attackers were werewolves and likely to return for the next few nights during the full moon. Unable to reach anywhere safe before nightfall we decided to fortify the tavern and wait for them to come back. We spent the daylight hours boarding windows, creating fire bombs and gathering wolvesbane.

When they returned we were ready for them and managed to kill several of the beasts with minimal human casualties.

We have another day of respite before their inevitable return. I only hope it will be enough.

38 Korimaril, 3820
It’s day three of the siege and a bunch of the weaker-willed humans decided to try their luck in the open. Fools. We hoped they would make a more attractive target for the wolves. Wrong again.

By nightfall we had re fortified the windows and the mage had finished his concoction to coat the weapons with. What few humans remained were now armed with silver sling bullets. We felt like we stood a chance tonight and as night fell we resumed our vigil.

Several hours later the wolves struck, the sneaky bastards managed to get in through the basement without making so much as a squeak and killed a human before we even noticed them. As they burst forth from the kitchen the warrior woman proved her worth and quickly cleaved them both in twain. Then things took a turn for the worse.
The tricky bastards set the place on fire. Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to think of it. We retreated to the relative safety of the basement and were able to hold the fire’s progress from cooking us alive but the tavern would be no use as a defensible position the next night.

39 Korimaril, 3820
We were forced to retreat to the nearby mine, the only defensible position in close proximity. Hoping to find a safe spot to defend from we were instead confronted by a pair of Vorn. Dumathoin’s knowledge continues to flow through me, I have no idea how I could possibly have identified these twisted creatures, let alone talk to them! We negotiated a price for our rental of their cave mouth, turns out they like gems and gold as much as we do, although for a different purpose. In addition to the gold and gemstones, they have recruited us to help them clear out some Duergar tomorrow morning.

That task was pushed to the back of our mind though as we awaited the inevitable onslaught. Surely enough the wolves did come and for a fourth night we did hold them. This time only barely. We burned and stabbed and when the dust settled, they had retreated just seconds from our obliteration.

We sit here in the cave mouth, waiting for morning, and four weeks of less-than-full moons. Safe from the wolves for a while, but with a new possibly even deadly challenge at our feet. Hunt down nine dark dwarves or face the displeasure of at least two deadly monstrosities from another plane!

I never thought I’d say it, but I think we’re going to need help, even if it’s from humans.



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