The Modern Age

“How highly can one regard The Creator when he’s already had four tries, and he still can’t get it right?”

The modern era of history, known as the 5th age of the world, begins on the Pass of 1, almost 3900 year prior to the current time. It was on this day that Chronos, deity of knowledge, first ascended to godhood. Ever since this time, extensive records for every pass can be found in the Great Library.

The most important event to have occurred in the first 4000 years of the 5th age is undoubtedly the rise and fall of the Solaran Empire. A subrace of humans, to that point unknown to history, suddenly entered the records in the Pass of 2847. Gifted with innate magical powers the likes of which had not been seen since the Godswar, the Solarans quickly conquered most of the continent of Moravia, ruling with excessive cruelty over what they viewed as the lesser races.

It was not until the Pass 2932 that Woden, god of magic, is said to have taken pity upon the world, teaching the subjugated humans how to channel and control magic through intellect and incantation. Thus was the first conclave of wizards born, a force to rival the natural magical might of the Solarans. Rallying behind the human wizards, the various races united in a bloody revolt against their Solaran oppressors, finally defeating them in a decisive battle on the Pass of 2937. Following this battle, all traces of the Solarans dissapear from Annwn, their history obliterated from all records. No historians now know what became of the subrace following their defeat, though there blood still flows in the veins of innumerable half-blood Solarans scattered across the continent.

In general, most races of humanoids have now recovered to something of an equilibrium state following the ascendancy of their new gods, the end of the Dark Ages, and the defeat of the Solaran Empire. The pantheon is filled, and the opposing forces of law and chaos, good and evil, are balanced once more. While much arcane lore has been rediscovered since the Dark Ages, no race approaches a fraction the power they had known prior to the Godswar. Many wondrous artifacts from this time still lie undiscovered, sparking tales and legends of long lost civilizations and tempting adventurers to plumb the depths of crumbling ruins in search of ancient treasure.

The Modern Age

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