The Hate Razor

By the Eight, its like dunking your head in a barrel full of mad gnomes with needles
- Orlof Hearthstone on discovering the uncontained effect of the Axe for the first time.

Lamek-burkess (The Hate Razor) is a magical dwarven battle-axe forged by Durgeddin the Smith in the refugee outpost of Duraz Tudd. The weapon, a thin, unusually re-curved blade of black steel, is the ultimate expression of Durgeddin’s skill as a master weaponsmith and the embodiment of his unquenchable hatred towards the duergar that defeated his people and claimed his homeland.

Lamek-burkess draws its power from the souls of slain duergar, though based on the madness that eventually overtook Durgeddin, this likely exerts a corrupting influence on the wielder.

Game statistics: +1 intelligent duergar-bane battle axe

The Hate Razor

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