Modified Weapons


Weapon/Cost/Damage (S)/Damage (M)/Critical/Range Increment/Weight/Type

Simple Ranged
Sling – 1d4/1d4 x2 50 ft 0 lb. Bludgeoning

Martial Light
Hammer, light 8 gp 1d4/1d6 x2 10 ft 2 lb. Bludgeoning

Martial Two-Handed
Greataxe 20 gp 1d10/1d12 x3 - 12 lb. Slashing
Maul 15 gp 1d10/1d12* x2 - 20 lb. Bludgeoning
*A maul ignores one point of hard DR

Martial Ranged
Longbow 75 gp 1d4/1d6 x3 100 ft 3 lb. Piercing

Modified Weapons

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