Miscellaneous Combat Houserules

Base Defence Bonus
Whenever a character would normally gain a point in base attack bonus (BAB) through a level increase, the character may instead choose to gain a point of base defence bonus (BDB). The character receives an unnamed bonus to armour class equal to his BDB at all times, unless he is helpless.

Combat Maneuvers
Whenever a character makes an opposed check as part of a combat maneuver such as a grapple, trip, bull rush, etc., the attacker always applies his BAB to the attack (as per a grapple), even for combat maneuvers where the RAW do not call for this (such as a trip).

Whenever a character is the defender in such a maneuver, he applies his BDB instead of his BAB. The only exception to this is attempts to escape a grapple, where the intiator (attempting to escape) applies his BDB and the defender (attempting to maintain the grapple) applies his BAB.

Immediate 5 -Foot Steps:
If a character is not flat-footed and did not move on their turn (a move equivalent action is allowed), that character may take one 5-Foot Step as an immediate action on any turn. Doing so counts as the character’s one allowed immediate action for that turn.

Readied Hindering Movement
A character may ready a standard action to move with an opponent so as to hinder or move with them. The character may move up to their standard movement in any number of segments, interrupting the opponent’s turn any number of times to do so. The character may make attacks of opportunity as normal if their new location threatens a square an opponent is leaving.

Team Movement
A character may delay his action to he same point in the initiative order as his team mate. If he so chooses, they may then take concurrent move actions. This may allow characters to move in unison through threatened areas without being flanked and while benefiting from feats such as Shield Wall.

Attacking an Opponent’s Head
A character may make a single melee attack against an opponent’s head as a standard action. This attack is made at a -4 penalty and triggers an attack of opportunity. Taking damage from the attack of opportunity does not disrupt the attack.

A character may make a single ranged attack against an opponent’s head as a full-round action. This attack is made at a -8 penalty for each range increment. Should the character take damage from any source during the action, the character must succeed on a concentration check equal to 10 + the damage suffered or the attack automatically misses the target.

Attacking from Above
A character attacking an opponent with height advantage or attacking a prone opponent has a 10% chance per attack of striking an opponent in the head.

A character attacking an opponent from directly above (such as a flying creature) has a 50% chance per attack of striking an opponent in the head.

Miscellaneous Combat Houserules

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