Winton Dunne

Dorian mage


A meek young mage in his late twenties, Winton is soft-spoken and slight of build.


Briefly allied with the Stonehearted during the siege of The Bull and the Bear. Fought alongside Ingilief Grimhildesdater.

Timid of nature, he prefers to keep mostly to himself rather than risk the awkwardness of social interaction with others. In times of crisis, Winton is more of a thinker than a doer, and not the kind of man that steps forward to take charge of a situation. Deep down; however, Winton is a fundamentally good person and no coward, who will stick up for himself and the people around him if there are no other options.
Hailing from the northern Ascarian port town of Blackwater, Winton grew up the son of a moderately affluent fishing family that controlled a small fleet of boats. Winton studied the trade for several years, and proved himself an able enough fisherman, though poorly suited to commanding others. Always a frail and bookish lad, Winton was poorly suited for the hash life on the Frigid Iapatis Sea, lacking the ‘iron men on wooden boats’ character of his well-respected father. To the disappointment of his family, it soon became clear that Winton would be better suited as a clerk than running the family business.
It was with some relief then, as his aptitude for magic became apparent, that his family learned he was well-suited for something, even if it was something as dubious and disreputable as the arcane arts. Happily turning their attentions to his more promising younger brother, Winton’s family shipped the young boy southward to the College of Sages and Sorcery in Fara’s Rest.
The 15 years that Winton spent there were among the best of the young man’s life. Though displaying no ambition to achieve the hat, the man excelled in his studies, devouring the knowledge of the College’s library and developing a particular interest in alchemy. It was with great reluctance that Winton finally left the college, after several years of insistent prodding from his masters to ‘leave the nest’ and experience more of the world first-hand.
For the last year, Winton has been doing just that, though with little enjoyment. Quickly discovering how suspiciously mages are regarded by the general public, he learned the hard way to keep his abilities to himself, and now poses as a simple traveling scholar. In fact this is not far from the truth – the primary focus of Winton’s journey has been the collection, testing, and documentation of various alchemical reagents, and one of his most treasured possessions is a small set of travelling apparati with which he can burn, bubble, and decant various substances to his heart’s content.
It was for this reason that Winton travelled to the small Hamlet of Grafton, theoretically several days east of the town of Asamir, but pretty much halfway between nothing and nowhere as far as the young mage could tell. Winton had expected a thriving mining village associated with a nearby amethyst mine, about which the man had heard stories of strange, red crystals mixed with the amethyst. Instead, he discovered a single inn, the ‘Bear and the Bull’, and a smattering of outlying sod farm huts, mostly deserted.
He soon learned that the amethyst mine had been abandoned some 60 years previously, when it was invaded by a monster variously described as ‘a stone frog’ or a ‘demon with three legs’. No adventurer at heart, Winton has not dared to set foot in the mines, but after travelling such a distance to reach Grafton he has been unwilling to simply admit defeat and leave. At an impasse, he has sat in the Bear and Bull for the last four days, despondent and frustrated, while the rains poured down relentlessly outside. And then the dwarves arrived…

Winton Dunne

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