The Stone-Hearted

53 Sognathos, Pass of 3820: The Ship of Night

Another day, another concussion.

This time I woke up deep in derro territory. It seems the river got us to where we needed to go and we think we have about a two day lead on the derro we left behind. I was more than a little alarmed to discover that Ranina had been lost! Curse this Jornum! Dragging us here. If we don’t get her back, I don’t know what I’ll do.

This place is some large derro city. We found a storage larder full of salted fish which we used to replenish our supply and, along with ash from the forge, use it to colour our beards in an attempt to blend in with the locals. I was perhaps a little enthusiastic with my application and looked a poor imitation. Only Dragor managed a passable disguise.

Moving out into the vast cavern we were shocked to see moonlight and stars above. How can we be simultaneously in the Underdark and outside? this must be one hell of a crevice.

We passed some kind of living quarters and a market as we moved around the closest wall. Dragor used his disguise to enter the market and discover that the derro were selling gear recovered from surface dwarves! Ranina! Orlof! They could live yet. One peddler held a buckle with the crest of Dallorak upon it. Surely not a mere coincidence!

While the rest of us waited for Dragor to return, I noticed a couple of derro women looking askance at Jornum & I. Something had to be done before they got closer and realised we weren’t native. “Play along,” I said, and took a swing at Jornum. Well! He near enough broke my bloody nose! Not 5 minutes after I finished bandaging him up! See if I say yes next time! No bloody respect, no bloody manners!

I stormed off, after hearing Dragor’s news and a good thing I did. Noticing half a dozen soldiers heading to where we thought Ranina was captured. I knew i was outmatched so I waited for the others to catch up before running after them.

Jornum, provided a timely reminder of why we put up with him by instantly slaying one derro and chasing down and slaying the other after Brodria wounded him. Neither could raise the alarm.

We ambushed the soldiers just in time to save Ranina from bleeding out in a net. At least she’s alive! By some miracle she was caught before going over the falls and not after.

We were just beginning to get the upper hand when 3 derro exploded in flames! A wizard derro named Whiskers burst in and slayed every derro he could see.

Weary and wounded we chose to parley rather than try our luck against this powerful foe. He revealed his asparations of ruling the derro city and tasked us with killing the current ruler and stealing an artifact he held.

He also made mention of a prisoner exchange in return for the rod. A prisoner that had been held for about a week, that looked like us, that had a buckle from Dallorak. Orlof lives. I only hope he has held his sanity through welding the axe and days of torture.

We agreed to his terms and set out looking for the derro king, our lost friend, the rod and the ship of the night.



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