The Stone-Hearted

3 - 17 Urmarillion - To Sail the Firesea

Azer Rejoice and the group head on

Dear Reader

We begin this entry with a battle. The drow had thought to blackmail us with Azgan’s life. As seems to be our way, we all went down save for the brave and mighty Brodria and Dana. All but one lone wizard was dispatched. With the danger gone, we took the time to heal up completely and loot the place while we did.

Once we headed back, we returned the Soul of the Forge back to the Azer, who were very thankful for its return. They offered to have a feast for us, and as per my entry a few days ago, by feast it would have been get drunk on fire wine. However, with supplies dwindling, we had to head off or else we’d starve. They were understanding of our plight and allowed us use of their passage way.

Once we reached the end, we were left by our escorts and were alone again. The tunnels were confusing and, loathe as I am to admit, I was not the best navigator those few days. Thankfully, we were saved from starvation by the superior gathering skills of Brodria. We had to overcome various obstacles, including an unforseen swim in a sticky mud type quick sand. We all crossed with incidents and soon after, we came across what seemed to be a good camping place. The entire time, we were followed by an unnatural clicking and clattering noise.

The mushroom oasis, as I remember it in my mind, had four different types of mushrooms. Once we could turn into rations, one that could be grounded down into a flour like substance, one that glowed and the other? To put it nicely, would expode if disturbed too forcefully. Whilst setting up camp, a duager skeleton was found. Not that it was particularly interesting, but it may have been a meal for something. Or it died.

As we settled in for what we could only assume was night, traps were laid and all seemed peaceful. Until the noises got closer and the source was revealed. I am unsure of the creature’s name, but it was slimy, eye and mouth monster that seemed to slide across the mud, rendering Azgan’s traps useless.

How we fare is anyone’s guess.



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