The Stone-Hearted

22 Oontrom, Pass of 3819: The Fallen Prince

Report of Azgan Stoneheart

To: King Togren of Dalarrak
From: Azgan Stoneheart

Orders: To scout the outer rim of the great valley and rendezvous with the dwarven army on the far side of the bridge after the orc assault. Any resistance to be dealt with at our discretion.

Outcome: We followed the path around the outer rim of the valley as ordered. When approaching approximately level with the third great column supporting the bridge we encountered a band on orcs. We immediately engaged the enemy killing three and capturing one for questioning. Through interrogation and investigation of the area we uncovered the orc’s plan to bring down the bridge under the dwarves. The captive was then executed for his crimes. Unfortunately this was not the only site where the sabotage was to take place.

We attempted to sound a general retreat but our location made this only partially successful. We do believe, however, that in stopping that particular pile of boulders we may have save the second column from collapsing.

After the bridge collapse we changed our plan and made our way down into the valley to aid in the rescue. We saw orcs recovering the body of the prince and taking him away. We set to pursue. Along the way we were able to rescue one golem and his controller but no other live dwarves were located.

The cave network that we followed the orcs down was infested with giant centipedes but we discovered that they have an aversion to fire and continued our pursuit. We eventually found ourselves outside the gates of Khel Gurum, which were guarded by an ogre. As our resources were already somewhat depleted, we opted to sneak past the troll into a secret entrance to the city.

Once inside we discovered the prince about to offered as sacrifice to their foul god Grumsh. We quickly dispatched of the evil priest and his guard then recovered the body and got back out.

My Grace, it was a terrible day in the history of your kingdom, and we did all we could to lessen it’s blow. We thank you for your generous gesture in calling our enormous debt to your people paid.

It has been an honour serving you,
Azgan Stonehearth of Thorbadin.



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