The Stone-Hearted

37-40 Urmarillion, Pass of 3819: Welcome to Dummockton

Th Journey Home: Dragor Stoneheart, The Iron Fist's Personal Log

Log Entry 56, Day 37 of Urmarillion, Pass of 3819
The crew returned from the markets looking a bit roughed up, apparently they had a run in with some thugs lead by Flynn. This guy has messed with the wrong dwarf, mark my words I will make him pay for messing with my boys.

Henry informed us that Flynn works for Trenton Radley, a kind of king pin when it comes to the thuggery of the city. Flynn Is his right hand man and isn’t someone to take lightly, a piece of turd that needs to be wiped off The community’s boot heel.

Log Entry 57, Day 38 of Urmarillion, Pass of 3819
Late evening we awoke with the front of the workshop on fire, Flynn and a bunch of his dogs ambushed us as we tried to put out the fire. The lads fought well and we took it to Flynn’s scurvy pups. I gave Flynn a beating he won’t forget and we broke them in satisfied dwarven style. It brought a smile to my face to see them flee with their tails between their legs. Flynn is a slippery snake, under Orlaf’s guard he broke free and fled into the darkness. (Note to one self, not only Is Orlaf useless at negotiation he also couldn’t guard a goat out of a vegie patch. I am yet to see this Dwarfs gizzards, one thing is for sure he is handy in a fight)

Our satisfaction in winning the skirmish was short lived, as we soon realised Henrys grand daughter Alice was kidnapped right from under our noses as we
were battling with Flynn’s dogs. A perfect diversion, bloody fool I am, I should have seen it coming.

We pursued Flynn’s thugs under Ra’s tracking guidance this lead us to their hide out. A large tanning factory heavily guarded. We informed the Night watch of what had transpired and asked them to assist. We had no choice but to retreat back to Henrys and try to form a plan of rescue/retaliation.

I have let Them down, it can’t happen again. Alice must be returned to her grandfather and Flynn must die.

Later that morning a girl arrived with a ransom note stating a time and place to meet for the following afternoon as well as 1/10th of our hoard as payment. We decided after long discussion to gather as much information as possible before proceeding to the hand over location

I found a hound breeder in town, not the best pup I have ever seen but the best I could find here under such a short notice. Never the less a good Guard dog, solid in size and loyal to my commands. Black in colour wide mouthed and well muscled frame. I shall call him Harek (Small Axe) He will guard our goods from now on.

Orlaf goes off on one of his soul missions of stubbornness to gather information from patrons at The Guilded LIlly tavern. He doesn’t seem To conform well to leadership but this time he actually gathered important information that lead us to a valuable contact. Orlaf met up with this contact called Oliver, sounds like he was the former thieves’ guild leader looking to reinstate his guild back into power. They struck up a deal where Oliver will supply us with illegal weapons we can use as well as a way into the thieves base through the sewer system. In return we have to give him a ledger that Trenton Radley holds; with in the ledger apparently there is information that would be incriminating to the current duchy. For the time been we decide not to act with ill content to Flynn and his crew until after the exchange has been done. Once Alice is safe we will teach these scum bags a lesson they will never forget.

Log Entry 58, Day 39 of Urmarillion, Pass of 3819
We went to the designated hand over location which was a large warehouse full of various crates stacked to the rafters. Fynn and 6 of his thugs were there waiting for us with Alice in tow. Upon entry Ra found a spot to hide and cover our retreat if needed.

After the exchange Flynn betrayed his word and set upon us in large numbers. We tried to retreat back towards the entrance where Ra was in hiding but were cut off by another group of thugs.

Orlaf went down gravely injured and Aeric lost his footing, I had no choice, I had to act quickly, I couldn’t leave my brethren AerIc. Orlaf might not be of my clan and I am still not convinced of his loyalty or motive but he is one of my lads now and I will not abandon him either.

In order To save our lives I offered Flynn a bribe I new he wouldn’t refuse. I offered him 2 bars of gold for him and 1 for his thugs in exchange for our freedom. Thank the gods he took the bait.

We gave them the gold, Orlaf was healed and we limped away liking our wounds and our pride.

Log Entry 59, Day 40 of Urmarillion, Pass of 3819
Time for revenge.

We met Oliver, got weapons, sewer map and intel on Trent Radleys compound.
We headed into the sewers with a new found fire in our bellys. Flynn and his dogs will pay for our injustice.

We knew there was a creature within the sewers that we had to pass to make The Tannery but I don’t think any of us were truly prepared for the beast that tore into our ranks. The creature a crawler, had tentacles of blinding speed that stunned most of our crew. We bravely fought on and eventually slayed the beast. I believe if it wasn’t For my brother’s quick thinking & magical rocks we wouldn’t have survived.

Why didn’t you take the crownAzgan? You may not know it brother but you are a worthy king.

The gods watch over us.
We entered the court yard of the tannery. Ra set to starting fires at the opposite end as a distraction for the guards which worked marvellously. We sat in wait for their leader Radley to exit his room but upon opening his door he stayed with in and did not exit. I took initiative and entered the room to engage him. Aerik & Orlaf barrage him with fierce attacks and push him back into the room, only to be turned unconscious by the words he spoke. The man was a caster of magic, we couldn’t afford To let him cast again.
At this stage Flynn appeared at the top of the stairs, I saw red and charged him; knocking his filthy ass down the stairs to land in a heap. Azgan then sets Flynn on fire with some oil flask, burn pig.

I re-enter the room finished Radley, retrieve our loot, the ledger and we made a run for the sewers. Unfortunately the town watch moved in and started arresting everyone. Only Azgan and I didn’t make it to the safety of the sewers and also wind up in the clink.
The crew smartly negotiated our release with the duchy using the ledger as the bargaining tool. Thank the gods it worked.

We said our goodbyes to Henry and Alice and as discreetly as possible packed up our wagons and left.

We may not have cleared the town of all the scum it holds but at least we rescued Alice and as I promised put Flynn 6 feet under. Rot in the Nine Hells dog.

My Crew

Azgan is still my soul compass, wouldn’t know what I would do without his guidance and steady hand.

Aeric; three words come to mind: Strong, sturdy, reliable. A true Dwarven warrior.

Ra may still be young and act without thought at times, but my sister has clearly proven she is an important part of our crew. A proud older brother I am. Keep growing little bird.

Orlaf, I am still not sure of his motives and his thoughts, his strange opinions were cast from a different dwarf mould that’s For sure. But I have to say I am starting to think his diversity of character is actually a plus for our crew. Throughout the last few days he has gained important intel (even if it was obtained through methods I would not approve) that were imperative to our survival. For a man of the cloth he sure is a powerful warrior, I am glad he fights our fight.



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