The Stone-Hearted

25-38 Sognathos, Pass of 3820: The Pass of Drazan

The Journey Home: Dragor Stoneheart, The Iron Fist's Personal Log

Back on the Right Path
Log 60, Day 25, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We set out this morning from Bekelev just as the sun was breaking dawn, I could sense a merriment amongst my brothers. I assume They also long to be back on the trail to find our home under the mountain. We will first hire a barge back to Misha’s cabin, from there we will head out on foot to our destination of Karak Grimbaraz. Another good reason to be merry, future prospect of dwarven ale and hospitality.

Log 61, Day 26, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We made it to Misha’s cabin without incident. No signs of the green skin scum. Although at times we felt like we were been watched.
We will rest here tonight and head to Keskyn tomorrow for a quick visit with Peter and his family.

Log 62, Day 27, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
Upon arriving at Sukyskin, we were all glad to see Pyotr and his family were safe and well. They had already rebuilt a large quantity of the homestead and its defences. We brought him news of the militia and his roll as commander once active. his face noticeably showed sign of relief, they now had some hope, hope of surviving.
A part of me I can not lie, fears for Pyotr and his family. they are brave folk that I have grown quite fond of. I hope we have done enough to ensure their prospects of survival. Fair well Friend, fair well.

Log 63, Day 28, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
Finally we are on the open road again, as glorious as the battles at my brothers sides have been, I have eagerly longed for the open road. It gives my soul time to rest as well as re-establish the importance of our claim. My mind no matter how I try, comes back to a core of thoughts… What will we have to face and conquer to reclaim our home? How many souls will it cost? Is the cost worth the prize. How can we possibly achieve it?
I know it is naive of me to believe, no hope be the better word, hope that we will all survive, but it pains me so to think the other. These are fine dwarven folk, who have given so much to join me in reclaiming our home, I can not fail them. I can not lead them to their deaths, I will not. I am not my father, I will not grow impatient, nor selfish, I must lead them well to the gates of Thorbadin and find a way to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Let the gods be my witness, Thorbadin will be ours again!

Log 64, Day 30, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We are been watched, eyes in the forest.
After a day we now know they are Elves, but they keep their distance. What do they want?

Log 65, Day 31, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
Now we have a new set of eyes following us. It would appear we are been followed by hobgoblins on horse back, half a dozen or so. We quickened our strides and put Ra to our rear to watch the enemies advance.

Log 66, Day 34, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
Four days have passed and they still doggedly follow, keeping a safe distance but never letting up. What are they up to? why don’t they attack? What are they waiting for? Or is it who are they waiting for? I grow uneasy, what am I missing, is it a trap? We must get to the pass before they do, dig in and defend it. Its the best place to hold off a mounted attack. There must be more, but where?

Log 67, Day 35, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We have stumbled upon a burial, one of importance.
It is the site of 2 of the 20 that followed my father, here lys Osk and Tyfana brave warriors that fell following my father. Was it a waste, or was it justified. Only time will tell. We pay our respects and move on. We are only a day from the pass and the green skins are getting closer.

Log 68, Day 36, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We made the pass.
I lead the mules across the bridge with Ra at my heels Only to run into heavily armoured hobgoblins jumping out from behind cover. It was a trap, who were they waiting for? It was Us you idiot, I lead my brothers into a trap… how could I have been so foolish? So Blind?
stupidly I thought we would be the ones to ambush our pursuers by using the bridge. I was wrong, they were herding cattle to the slaughter, herding us.
They had us surrounded, and peppered us with arrows while their heavily armoured warriors pressed in on us. I used my body as a shield and tried to hold the advance from the west while my brothers tried to form a battle column as they crossed the bridge to join me. Harek set himself by my side and quickly bathed his teeth in blood, as we both took the battle to the enemy. We were greatly out numbered, surrounded and divided, but that did not stop us. Yet again despite the odds we rallied together and fought with guts and true dwarven glory to smash our so called assailants until they ran away with their tails between their legs. It was a proud moment, we should not have survived, but we did. Each brother gave their all and proved thier worthy beyond measure, true warriors they are. I am blessed to have brothers of such metal by my side.

Log 69, Day 37, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
We patched our wounds and headed Karak Grimbaraz which should only take a day to travel. There we will replenish supplies, armour and weapons of true dwarven quality. I hope they might have some information on my fathers venture, surely they also made it here.

Log 70, Day 38, Sognathos, Pass of 3820:
King Bailik welcomed us warmly and a glorious feast followed filled with speeches, song, tales and of course ale. We celebrated long and merrily until dawn raised her face from behind the mountains.
After not as long a rest as desired we dragged our sore heads out of bed and made ourselves proper to meet King Bailik in private. It would appear we made a good impression from the night before as Bailik very generously gave us a majestic gift, mithril chain mail, a true kingly gift. We also received pledges of master work items as well as a highly trusted guide that will lead us to the oracle. Most importantly he gave us his blessing and support to reclaim Thorbadin.
Upon questioning King Bailik about my father he answered with a show of discomfort on his face. he informed us that my father did make it here. He didn’t receive as warm a welcome as we did since been an oath breaker but never the less they did make it and they did enter the under dark. We also found out that of the 20 only 17 were with him, we found the grave of 2, where is the third?
What will the under dark hold for us? Will the Oracle have the answers we need? Ah I guess only time will tell.



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