The Stone-Hearted

24-26 Urmarillion, Pass of 3819: The Journey Begins

The Last Record of the Hearthstone Line

So, I’m writin a diary. Essentially, if you’re reading this it’s because I’m dead. Not necessarily that I died while this adventure was going on, but just that I’m dead. So, what does this journal recount? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe the ascension of a great king or queen, or possibly the last records of the Hearthstone family, or maybe evens a final recounting of the return of a betrayer to rival the Kinslayer. Who knows? What I do know is that I am on a trip to find out where the Golden Mountain is, and we just set off. So, this’ll be the journal of one Orlof Hearthstone, last of the Hearthstones, and final Judge of the Kinslayer’s Line.

24 Urmarillion

So, our first day of travel was rather uneventful all told, excluding the Wolverine I managed to irritate while on watch this evening. Otherwise, just a long day of walking in heavy armour. We decided to hold over the evening in an abandoned watchtower. There were signs of little folk that had been messing about here, but other than that not many things terribly noteworthy. Though, the little folk may also be some goblins. Apparently they had quite the force out here the other day, but they got chased off by an army of our kin. So, maybe there be some stragglers out ere?

Oh, that reminds me. We be headed to the Dumathoin sage. It’ll be a long trip, and on the way well visit many a town an ask folks if they remember where they came from in the mountains to the west. Honestly, if today was any indication, it’ll be a long uneventful trip all told.

25 Urmarillion
Another day with little happening. Though we are starting to suspect were being followed. On a side note, we passed what I suspect to be a barrow on our way here. The shrine had been vandalised, but we didn’t find anything of great value. Pity really, but a pleasant sight all the same. In fact, to be honest this whole valley is a pretty sight. Maybe a tad overgrown, but still not terrible.

Oh, seems some of us were right, we are being followed. We just moved camp. Whole big hullaballoo about what to do now. As usual it boils down to run away from the scary goblins. Gah, what kinda dwarves suggest running.

26 Urmarillion
So, in the evening, after we’d made camp, we were attacked. Not much of a fight though. Maybe a dozen goblins, we killed most of them, a few got no one was particularly hurt by the whole thing. Today we arrive at the human village. I forget the name, but still. Hell it won’t even be there in a few years’ time knowing humans.

So, the humans seem to have a problem on their hands. A bunch of Goblin things, or wargs or some such have been chewing up their folk right nasty like. Put the whole village on alert too, they were much fond of strangers. Still, it’s a good time to see our new“king” in action, maybe get a measure of his mettle. Might give him a bit of a poke in the right direction, since I’m the last of me line an all. Still, eventually I’ll have to take the training wheels off and get the measure of the Dwarf. An speaking o which, I should be careful of Aeric’s influence on the lad. Too much mercenary, not enough Good for my liking. Hell, him an Azgan both seem far too inclined to not care in my books. Pity too, considering me brother died for one of ‘em. Still, we are off in a mo, so I’ll leave this ere for the moment an get back to it.



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